Rent all our strengths

With a fleet of more than twenty machines specialized in quarry works but also in civil engineering, construction and public works sectors, Swalmec permanently provides its customers with a series of ultra-modern and efficient drilling rigs for specific missions or long term tasks : drilling, mining, need of a compressor… With a presence of over 60 years in these sectors Swalmec is an experienced partner to understand and act on smaller as on larger issues. Rent the machine that meets your specific needs! We put it at your disposal, with or without a qualified operator.

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Force Techno UK

Swalmec provides advanced technology adapted from case to case and for the required duration for the realization of your work. And this with or without qualified and certified Swalmec operator. Our formulas are completely customized and can be adapted to your immediate problem or future.

Force Vive UK

We put at your disposal qualified operators who provide the necessary care for the completion of your on-site operations. Whatever your field of action we provide advice, training and assistance, in addition to an efficient technology.

Force Frappe UK

We offer a reliable, robust and tough technology to overcome any challenge. A range of pneumatic and hydraulic machines with diameters from 25 mm to 508 mm, crucial for the efficiency of shotfiring.

Force Interv UK

Swalmec doesn’t let you down :  a machine failed on a construction site ? We can be on site within three hours to ensure the continuity and success of your business.

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